My name is Dustin.
I have a twitter.
I have a facebook.
I have an instagram.
I have a snapchat.
If you want any of them just ask.



Nothing to get me more in the mood for Mickys Halloween party like the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. Also I may be able to meet Jack and Sally and Oogy Boogy.

Super excited for this small and much needed few days away.


Honestly people who have active opinions about apple vs android and engage in arguments about it need to google prison industrial complex and channel their rage into something that actually matters

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I make a good looking prince Eric.



When someone says u look cute

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I’m on the verge of blowing people for money. No joke.


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squelchmasterfloob said: 26. 34. 35

26. My biggest pet peeve: making it seem like you think you are simply better than every one else.

34. What I find attractive in women: nice smile, pretty face, great personality, smarts, and humor.

35. What I find attractive in men: same stuff as women really.

ihatethelettuce said: 14, 16, 19, 21, 32, 39, 44

14. Biggest tun offs: I can never think of any turn offs because almost everything turns me on.

16. I’ll love you if: you can cook for me and make me laugh.

19. A fact about your personality: I have been told I am extremely personable by so many people and employers.

21. What I love most about myself: there’s not a lot right now. I’ve been really down on myself. But I don’t give up often. It takes a lot for me to actually be defeated.

32. What words upset me the most: when I was told it didn’t help with my dad’s funeral and I shouldn’t have gone to London six months after he passed. I did help with the funeral. Not a lot financially. Just a few hundred. And I put a lot of things together for it. And my dad knew about my London trip and was so excited for me to go. Every one who matters supported me and wanted me to go still.

39. My favorite ice cream flavor: butter pecan.

44. A random fact about anything: even though the more I try to better myself I seem to do worse I am not giving up. I have dreams and I will forever work towards them. They are being financially secure, traveling, and being with the people I love the most.


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